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So I started coding recently and i found a bunch of cool stuff including .Net At First It Wasnt That Complicated Because i Just followed
A tutorial And it told me to download
.Net SDK

But then i searched up .Net for curiosity And Found Alot Of Things
Like .Net, .Net Core, .Net Framework
And I Cant See The Difference Between These Because All of Them Have Confusing Stuff

And is the framework same as runtime

Please Help Me With Explaination about Each One


What I have tried:

I Know About Normal .Net
I Have
.Net SDK
.Net ASP
I know The Difference Between These
Updated 22-Jan-22 18:45pm

.NET Framework is on its last legs, and is specific to Windows only.

.NET Core (or now just .NET) is multi-platform, meaning it can be used on Windows, Linux, phones, ...

.NET is both an SDK to write apps with and a runtime required to run the applications.

.NET ASP is a framework used for building server-based web applications.
BlobifyYT 23-Jan-22 4:19am
Do i only use .Net And Not .Net Core
And If .Net I Have To Download SDK
And Runtime For Programming
And .Net ASP to build webs
Right? (Send Me download Link To runtime I cant find it)
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-22 11:00am
You still don't get it.

Just install this[^]. It's the .NET 6.0 SDK/Runtime and you'll need Visual Studio 2019 or higher to write apps with it.
BlobifyYT 23-Jan-22 12:04pm
Thanks for everything
I use vs code
Both .NET Framework[^] & .NET Core[^] are frameworks and there're differences[^].

Search web for more details.

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