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How can I use different textcolours in a textblock with WPF. I like to use Visual Basic code for adding text to the textblock

What I have tried:

I have found the following code in C# but I want to do this in Visual Basic:

tb.Inlines.Add(new Run("text formatting ") { Foreground = Brushes.Blue });
Updated 23-Jan-22 5:10am

1 solution

You can do this:

<TextBlock Foreground="Black">This is normal text. <TextBlock Foreground="Red">This is red text.</TextBlock> This is more normal text.</TextBlock>

If you want to do it the way you indicated (in code-behind), you can use any free online code converter to find out how to do it in VB.Net.
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Antoon Crama 23-Jan-22 21:13pm    
I have tried several code converters, but they do not convert the code. Apperently the converters have a problem with 'inlines'.
#realJSOP 24-Jan-22 6:37am    
I know this is going to sound like a radical concept, but you could try actually typing it into your source file. Intellisense should guide you. Try this:

tb.Inlines.Add(New Run("some text") With { .Foreground = Brushes.Blue })

Caveat - I don't do VB, so this is just a guess based on past exposure to the language (10 years ago).
Antoon Crama 29-Jan-22 20:48pm    
Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not work.

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