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i have api call response as below,

x = response.json()

{'selectedColumns': [], 'totalRows': 2, 'pageNumber': 0, 'pageSize': 0, 'searchResults': 
{'items': [
{'id': '199', 'tiName': 'host-a', 'cmbMake': 'Cisco Systems', 'cmbModel': 'Catalyst C2960G-48TC-L', 'tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors': "[{'dest_host': ' AAA', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' BBB', 'sysname': ''}]"}, 
{'id': '1504', 'tiName': 'host-b', 'cmbMake': 'Cisco Systems', 'cmbModel': 'Catalyst C2960-48TC-L', 'tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors': "[{'dest_host': ' CCC', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' DDD', 'sysname': ''}]"}

What I have tried:

y = x['searchResults']['items']

keys = {"tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors","id"}
res = {}
l = []
for i in y:
    for k, v in i.items(): 
        if k in keys:
            sub = {k: v}
out = l

based on above code i am getting output as:

    "id": "1504",
    "tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors": "[{'dest_host': ' CCC', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' DDD', 'sysname': ''}]"
    "id": "1504",
    "tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors": "[{'dest_host': ' CCC', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' DDD', 'sysname': ''}]"

the way i wanted is:

        "id": "199",
        "tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors": "[{'dest_host': ' AAA', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' BBB', 'sysname': ''}]"

        "id": "1504",
        "tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors": "[{'dest_host': ' CCC', 'sysname': ''}, {'dest_host': ' DDD', 'sysname': ''}]"

Please any one suggest the right way of for loop so that i get above output.

i am running python3. also i am new to python. still trying to learn it.apologies for any mistakes that i did.
Updated 28-Jan-22 13:52pm

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It's much simpler that what you have produced...

my_keys = {"id","tiCustomField_CDP Neighbors"}
res = {}
l = []

for i in y:
  res = {my_key:i[my_key] for my_key in my_keys}

You'll note that I reversed the order of the 'my_keys' var. This way, the 'id' key is appended first.

Hope this helps!
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vr20222 28-Jan-22 22:46pm    
Thank you Manuel, your solution worked.

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