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Want to popolate text box fields on text change using connection string c#. When I enter an key field it should retrieve info for that record from the database and display it on the form text boxes

What I have tried: function to read from a selected record
Updated 30-Jan-22 19:38pm

Not enough information given to explain what you're using, how you are implementing, etc... Are you using Angular, Vue, React, Blazor, razor, etc...

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On Keypress event you can implement the below code but this is not a good approach because
on every keyPress you are hitting the database which cause your application performance.
If you really want to do this then can apply this change on Textbox leave event or provide a button to check from database. Use the following code to achieve:
SqlConnection sqlConn = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);
SqlCommand sqlComd = new SqlCommand("StoreProcedure", sqlConn);
sqlComd.Parameters.Add("@Name", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = textBox.text;
SqlDataReader dataReader = sqlComd.ExecuteReader();
if (DR1.Read())
    // Change according to your returned value
    textBox.Text = dataReader.GetValue(0).ToString(); 

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