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How can I concatenate a double quoted string? I should get a result like shown below. But how I have to concatenate "Provider Review" and need need to keep "" in this query, but my logic is not working.

This should be the final result: sQury2 =  select Distinct  , name, Decis.code  "Provider Review"

What I have tried:

 string sQury2 = " select Distinct" + "\r\n";

 sQury2 = sQury2 + "   , name" + "\r\n";

 sQury2 = sQury2 + " , Decis.code  "Provider Review" + "\r\n"; // how to change this qry?
Updated 1-Feb-22 6:26am

How to concatenate string having double quotes in C#

Escape the double quote in the string.
"bla \"Provider Review\" bla"

Escaping in C#: characters, strings, string formats, keywords, identifiers[^]
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The problem is that that's an SQL command - so double quotes aren't applicable anyway, unless you want them as part of an actual string.
SQL uses single quotes for string delimiters, not double quotes, so to return a string literal all you would do is surround it with double quotes:
SELECT 'Hello world!';

If you are trying to "build a query" and return a column called Provider Review then you need to use either square brackets (SQL Server) or backquotes (Access):
SELECT [Provider Review] FROM MYTable

But the Query you show doesn;t make it at all obvious what exactly you want - it isn't valid SQL at all because Distinct is a keyword which needs to be followed by a column name rather than a comma.

If you need to put double quotes in a C# string literal, there are two ways
1) Escape it:
string s = "this is surrounded by \"double quotes\"";

2) Escape the string and double them:
string s = @"this is surrounded by ""double quotes""";
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CHill60 1-Feb-22 11:34am    
FYI there are versions of MS SQL that will allow double quotes instead of the [ ] surrounding a column name ... e.g.
create table temp ("silly column name" varchar(30));
insert into temp ([silly column name]) values ('how horrible');
SELECT "silly column name" from temp;
You can user the query like to get in single line:
string sQury2 = " select Distinct";
sQury2 = sQury2 + " , name";
sQury2 = sQury2 + " , Decis.code \"Provider Review\"";

Result: sQury2 = select Distinct , name , Decis.code "Provider Review"
Use the following to break into lines like:
string sQury2 = " select Distinct" + "\r\n";
sQury2 = sQury2 + "   , name" + "\r\n";
sQury2 = sQury2 + " , Decis.code  \"Provider Review\"" + "\r\n";
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