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First I had an error that said I should use a C# language version 7.2 or greater and fixed that. Then I got the error: "The type of one of the expressions in the group by clause is incorrect. Type inference failed in the call to 'GroupBy'"

What I have tried:

public object GetGenelStok(NetSatisContext context , string stokKodu)
var result = (from c in context.StokHareketleri.Where(c => c.StokKodu == stokKodu)
              group c by new(c.Hareket) --> Error line
              into g
              select new
                  Bilgi = g.Key.Hareket,
                  KayitSayisi = g.Count(),


            return result;
Updated 1-Feb-22 10:38am

1 solution

That appears to be an attempt to use a C# 9 feature - a "target-typed new expression".

But since there's no target available, the compiler will not let you use it.

You either need to specify the wrapper class type:
group c by new SomeClass(c.Hareket)
or use a value tuple[^]:
group c by (c.Hareket)
or an anonymous type:
group c by new { c.Hareket }
But since you're only grouping by a single value, you don't actually need to wrap it in another class at all:
group c by c.Hareket

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