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I have an issue in SQL Server 2016

I created a store procedure in my dev environment. It is good to go and when I move my procedure to a UAT environment, it is created without a reference table (while those I used in my SP on dev were not created on UAT, but procedure created successfully). SSMS doesn't throw an error of "object not exist" mean script created without compilation.

Can anyone explain is this a bug in SSMS, or an issue with my SSMS settings, or does Microsoft allow us to do this?

A lot of times I have seen that when a particular column does not exist then it throws the error, but right now this is happening to me.

I really appreciate your reply regarding this.

Thanks in advance,
Wajid Hussain

What I have tried:

SELECT s_name,t_name FROM table_not_exist
Updated 8-Feb-22 9:56am

1 solution

This is not a bug; it's a feature called "deferred name resolution".
You may be wondering why SQL Server lets you do something so stupid, but there is a good reason. Many stored procs have steps with tables, possibly temp tables or table variables, that are created inside the proc. You can also have dynamically created T-SQL in a proc. If the table names were resolved at create time, then it would not be possible to do these things.
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