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Dear All, my issue is: why a binding variable doesn't refresh in a tread ?

this is my Scenario:

in my view I have defined this textbox

<TextBlock Text="{Binding RowsImport, Mode=TwoWay}" />

and this is the property

private string _RowsImport;
public string RowsImport
    get { return _RowsImport; }
        _RowsImport = value;

Now, in this method Import I assign a value numeric in UTILITY.General.PARAM_PROG_RIL_COUNT
this is the declaration
public static string PARAM_PROG_RIL_COUNT { get; set; }

public bool Import()
... bla... bla..


  UTILITY.General.PARAM_PROG_RIL_COUNT = "count" + nrRowsImported.ToString().Trim();

  return true;

I start the timer and call the method

Timer t = new Timer(TimerCallback, null, 0, 10);

  using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())
           importResult = Import();
               if (importResult)

this is void TimerCallback
private  void TimerCallback(Object o)
    RowsImport= "Rows" + UTILITY.General.PARAM_PROG_RIL_COUNT;

Now, while the TransactionScope is running I expect the variable RowsImport to be updated, but doesn't work.

What I have tried:

Only in this mode I see the variable is change at the end, with a MessageBox

using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())
         importResult = Import();
             if (importResult)


How can I resolve ?

In summary.
I have a variable in binding.
I execute a transaction that invokes a method (Import)

In the Import method I assign the progressive number of the readings to the variable.

Unfortunately, between the transaction and the Import method there is no way to reach the binding and therefore I am forced to use a timer.

I hope I was clear.

Thanks to those who will help me.
Updated 12-Feb-22 9:50am
Comments 12-Feb-22 9:15am


not updated or

<textblock text="{Binding RowsImport, Mode=TwoWay}">

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