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am looking forward to creating a program to read m3u tv streams. the idea is that I will provide an m3u link and I will use the terminal to navigate between channels and watch them, so far am trying to use the VLC library on Python but nowhere I could find any guidance on how to run this type of stream, I would appreciate any piece of code or guidance on how to start the project, at the moment am using the VLC library but feel free suggest any other one

this is an example of IPTV links on Github: just pointing out that am using python as a language

What I have tried:

I tried Using VLC python library but with the lack of resources, I was unable to figure out how to read the m3u files
Updated 16-May-22 7:19am
Richard Deeming 18-Feb-22 6:47am
sr18acv 18-Feb-22 7:55am
Hello Richar, thanks for the reply, am not sure how is that supposed to help me in my project
kind regards
Richard Deeming 18-Feb-22 7:56am
You said you couldn't find any guidance on how to work with M3U files. That article includes the full details of how M3U files are structured.
sr18acv 18-Feb-22 8:09am
thank you, Richard, but i meant how to integrate the m3u with python so I would be able to watch a specific stream available on that m3u file straight from python console

1 solution

The first thing you need is a Python library that can handle these files. The first link thatGoogle finds is GitHub - globocom/m3u8: Python m3u8 Parser for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Transmissions[^].
sr18acv 18-Feb-22 12:47pm
thank you Mr Richard for your reply! that's what I have been looking for!

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