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i work on sql server 2019 when update data on table it take too much time
so i try to see that and analysis that

SELECT [Spid] = session_Id
     , ecid
     , [Database] = DB_NAME(sp.dbid)
     , [User] = nt_username
     , [Status] = er.status
     , [Wait] = wait_type
     , [Individual Query] = SUBSTRING (qt.text, 
     (CASE WHEN er.statement_end_offset = -1
            THEN LEN(CONVERT(NVARCHAR(MAX), qt.text)) * 2
         ELSE er.statement_end_offset END - 
     ,[Parent Query] = qt.text
     , Program = program_name
     , Hostname
     , nt_domain
     , start_time
     FROM sys.dm_exec_requests er
     INNER JOIN sys.sysprocesses sp ON er.session_id = sp.spid
     CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(er.sql_handle)as qt
     WHERE session_Id > 50              -- Ignore system spids.
     AND session_Id NOT IN (@@SPID)     -- Ignore this current statement.
     ORDER BY 1, 2

File sharing and storage made simple[^]

What I have tried:

update s set s.PriorityLevel='I1'   FROM s 
 inner join extractreports.dbo.SourcingNotMappedPartsIDI1 g on g.SourcingNotMappedPartsID=s.SourcingNotMappedPartsID
Meysam Toluie 8-Mar-22 6:56am    
CXPACKET wait types occurs when SQL use parallelism component. Increase Cost Threshold for Parallelism in server setting. To avoid these wait type.
ahmed_sa 10-Mar-22 14:04pm    
how to reduce it please can you please answer to me

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