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it is a graph for cities and i need to find the fast and best path to reach the goal that's goes well but I don't know how to find the cost of the path
<pre>import heapq
graph ={
    'Khafji': {'Jubail':[100,2]}, 
    'Jubail': {'Hofuf':[140,5],'Dammam':[80,4]},
    'Dammam': {'Bahrain':[20,4]},
    'Hofuf': {'Riyadh': [300,4]},
    'Bahrain': {'Doha':[50,2]},
    'Riyadh': {'Doha': [320,2], 'Abu Dhabi': [600,5]},
    'Doha' : {'Abu Dhabi': [400,5]},
    'Abu Dhabi': {'Dubai': [120,0]},
    'Dubai': {}
def astar(graph, start_node, goal_node):
    f_distance={node:float('inf') for node in graph} 
    f_distance[start_node] = 0  
    g_distance={node:float('inf') for node in graph} 
    g_distance[start_node] = 0
    parent={node:None for node in graph}
    parent[start_node] = None 
    priority_queue=[(0, start_node)]  
    while priority_queue:  
        current_f_distance, current_node = heapq.heappop(priority_queue)  

        if current_node == goal_node: 
            return f_distance, parent 
        for next_node, weights in graph[current_node].items():             
            temp_g_distance = g_distance[current_node] + weights[0]  

            if temp_g_distance < g_distance[next_node]:                
                g_distance[next_node] = temp_g_distance  
                heuristic = weights[1]                
                f_distance[next_node] = temp_g_distance + heuristic
                parent[next_node] = current_node
            heapq.heappush(priority_queue,(f_distance[next_node], next_node)) 

    return f_distance, parent

start_node =input('Enter the initial vertex: ')
goal_node = input('Enter the goal vertex: ')
f_distance, parent = astar(graph, start_node, goal_node)

def print_path(f_distance, parent, start_node, goal_node):
    node = goal_node
    path = []
    while node != None:
        node = parent[node]
    print("The path is: ", path)
print_path(f_distance, parent, start_node, goal_node)

What I have tried:

i tried to use this function first i start by separate the edges from the huristic each one in own table than i use this algorithm
def priority_queue(path):
    g_cost = 0
    for(node, cost) in path:
      g_cost += cost
    last_node = path[-1][0]
    H_cost = h_table[last_node]
    f_cost = g_cost + H_cost
   # print('path cost: ', path)
    return f_cost, last_node
Updated 5-Mar-22 8:38am

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