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How to empty specific column of numbers from datagridview? (i mean erase the values without header, not delete the column).

ERASE datagridview calumn values, so i dont need to do it manually and continue writing new ones.

How i created the datagridview:

i created a database table, with 5 ID's all of datatype "int", i connected the datagridview through DataSource, bindingsource. And when i put values in the table and press button:(button code below)


It will save the values into DataTable and draw a chart.

For example the first ID in the table is : "x1"

chart1.Series["x1"].YValueMembers = "x1";
chart1.Series["x2"].YValueMembers = "x2";
chart1.Series["x3"].YValueMembers = "x3";
chart1.Series["x4"].YValueMembers = "x4";
chart1.Series["x1"].XValueMember = "y1";
chart1.Series["x2"].XValueMember = "y1";
chart1.Series["x3"].XValueMember = "y1";
chart1.Series["x4"].XValueMember = "y1";

chart1.DataSource = database1DataSet2.Table;

What i think is neccesery is to actually delete the values from DataTable but i dont how to do it.

What I have tried:

I tried making the columns "null" but didnt solve anything.

I think at some point i managed to empty the column, i dont even remember how i did it, it was weeks ago, but when i did erase it and then write new numbers the chart didnt draw the lines. What i did was i deleted the column and added a new one. But as i mentioned, it didnt work. Maybe i could just delete the column of numbers from datatable, somehow.
Updated 8-Mar-22 7:23am
Maciej Los 8-Mar-22 12:05pm    

1 solution

If you would like to clear/empty column, without removing it, you need to clear/empty all rows belonging to that column.

In a pseudo-code:
foreach(row in datatable.rows)
  row[columnname] = DBNull.Value;
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Richard MacCutchan 8-Mar-22 14:16pm    
+5. I had a feeling that was the answer, but my DataTable skills are a little "newbie".
Maciej Los 8-Mar-22 14:23pm    
Thank you, Richard. :D
123 123 2022 8-Mar-22 14:46pm    
how did you do it?
123 123 2022 8-Mar-22 14:44pm    
its not working for me, i tried
DataTable dataTable = new DataTable();   
foreach (DataRow dr in dataTable.Rows)               dr["Konduktivita1[µS_cm-1]"] = DBNull.Value;

I had to create a new datatable because if i dont, its just not wont let me put any datatable
Maciej Los 8-Mar-22 14:46pm    
A new datatable does not contain any columns and rows :)
If you want to copy one datatable into another, use:
DataTable dtCopy = existingDt.Clone(); //copies only the structure
//DataTable dtCopy = existingDt.Copy(); //copies the structure and data

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