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i am using entity framework for data access from database. I want to fetch data from a table on the basis of two condition. e.g. "mobileNumber" and "Name" of user in a "Customer" table.
ViewBag.Customer=entity.Customers.Where(i=>i.MobileNumber==12321 && i=>i.Nmae=="abc").firstordefault();

But this is Not working, Can anybody answer how to check multiple condition in where clause of entity framework
Updated 7-Aug-20 22:11pm

You can follow the bellow example. And Firstly, you can check any record is available with your given condition in SQL Query analyzer and then you will try entity framework.

var repo = new Repositories.Repository<listing>();
            var listings = repo.GetTable().Where(l => l.IsDeleted == false && l.IDListingStatus == 2 && (l.IDListingType == 1 || l.IDListingType == 2 || l.IDListingType == 3));</listing>

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Member 9583779 23-Jan-13 6:47am     CRLF
entity is object of my entity framework class. Model.MyProject entity=new Model.Myproject(); and "Customer" is class build in this entity. from which i want to fetch data on the basis of Multiple condition. ViewBag.CustomerList=entity.Customers.Where(i=>i.MobileNumber==12321 && i=>i.Nmae=="abc").firstordefault();
ViewBag.Customer=entity.Customers.Where(i=>i.MobileNumber==12321 && i.Nmae=="abc").firstordefault();

Don't need to use again

Hope this helps.
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just check first condition after directly you access the columns by instance

(i=>i.tablecolumnname==column name && i.column==column) in this you get
after "i" is instance by this you access all column names in table
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Dont use x=>x. again after &&, query should be db.student.where(x=>x.roll='1121' &&'NAME')
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Richard Deeming 10-Aug-20 6:40am    
As already explained in Solution 3, back in 2013.

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