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Hello All,

I need an code that will help me to export values from three listbox to excel or text file by using save file dialog.

What I have tried:

Dim w as io.streamwriter
Dim I as integer
W = new iO.streamwriter ("c:\" & ".text")
For I = 0 to listbox1.items.count -1
Updated 13-Mar-22 4:13am

Your filename is C:\.text. That's not legal in windows.

Why is it people do this:
"C:\" & ".text"

and not just skip the concatenation entirely since it's not needed:
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Elias Ar 13-Mar-22 1:34am    
Your reply doesn't help me, I know I should put the file name but I'm asking for something else, How I can save an Excel or Text file by using the save file dialog, please read the post three times before replying.
Take a look at MSDN documentation:
SaveFileDialog Class (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]
How to: Write Text to Files with a StreamWriter - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs[^]

If you would like to write data into Excel file, i'd suggest to install EPPlus NuGet package[^]. Here is CP article with example code: How to Use EPPlus in VB[^]
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