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My next job is to program an application to visualize data in a chart.
The chart itself can be simple, I need only lines.
The challenge is the mass of data and with each line.

I would like to give you an example. My customers (that are my colleagues inside the development and testing departures) generate a lot of data. Our machines send telemetry data and they receive and save it. Sometimes for hours, and for a lot of sensors.
So they have maybe 100000 values and forty lines. That means I have to handle millions of values inside one diagram.

And the requirements are increasing. The colleagues would like to have live telemetry.

The most important features of the application will be:
- 2D
- Zoom in and out
- Scroll left and right
and speed, speed, speed.

What I have tried:

In the past, I did this with an application in Delphi and a component of Steema -> TeeChart.
Now it should be visual studio and C#. I tested the TeeChart component, and it was too slow.

I think I have to use a graphic engine directly. Something like OpenGL

Before the decision of which technology I use I would like to hear what you are thinking.

Do you know a module that can handle this mass of data?
If you would prefer a graphic engine, which would you advise?
Do you know a lib for that graphic engine that is good for charts?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, of course, I am searching inside Code Project.
There is a lot of very good stuff.
But I am asking for empirical values.
Updated 16-Mar-22 6:03am

Maybe you can use one of these: open-source-dashboard-frameworks[^]
Grafana is well known, but it is not a .NET solution.

If you prefer a .NET solution, take a look at: best-and-fastest-graphic-controls-for-wpf-c[^]
Used it in process control for customers (WPF). Best one I found. (I make the customer pay for the license which becomes "his" license).

SciChart | WPF Charts, iOS Charts, Android Charts, JavaScript Chart[^]
Hello together,

thank you for your help.
I think Scichart is what I need.

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