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Hi, Actually am new to socket programming and also i try to learn kernal signal. my question is socket performing some communication that is signal based communication or other means how it is communicating. because i seen about process signal like sigwaitinfo, signalfd and pending signal. is that socket program like send recv all if blocked or undelivered means is it coming under pending signal?..(Am facing issue in recv, client side sent but not delivered to server side). if yes means how to fix this issue?..

What I have tried:

I need some clarification about process signal.
Updated 16-Mar-22 12:49pm
CPallini 16-Mar-22 3:58am    
IPC is a broad matter. There are books about it.
If you just need communication via sockets then go for a good tutorial.
Richard MacCutchan 16-Mar-22 4:57am    
"how to fix this issue?
Without seeing the code or the details of the error it is impossible to tell.

Here[^] is a list of signals used in Linux. The only one related to sockets is SIGURG (23), for which SIGIO/SIGPOLL (29) are synonyms. So unless you're receiving out-of-band priority data, you shouldn't have to use signals at all, and there may be a way to handle even that without using signals. Signals are a rat's nest and are best avoided except to handle error situations.
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I'm not sure if these are IPC sockets or network sockets.
The passage with server client suggests that it is about the network?

Maybe this link will help the questioner to define that first:
Inter-process communication in Linux: Sockets and signals |[^]

For an answer to "How to fix this problem?" we would first have to know the problem more precisely.
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