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Hello all,

anyone could help me to merge images from a folder together in only one large image with php?

This is a similar result i wanted:
This is a similar result.

Thank you in advanced.

What I have tried:

Actually i tried this code to resize and copy many images from a source folder to a destination folder. But now i need to compose only one large image composed by all little images resized and actually inside the destination folder.

//Maximize script execution time
//ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);

    //Initial settings, Just specify Source and Destination Image folder.
$ImagesDirectory	= 'imagestest/'; //Source //Image Directory End with Slash
$DestImagesDirectory	= 'imagestest/new/'; //Destination Image Directory End with Slash
$NewImageWidth 		= 500; //New Width of Image
$NewImageHeight 	= 500; // New Height of Image
$Quality 		= 80; //Image Quality

//Open Source Image directory, loop through each Image and resize it.
if($dir = opendir($ImagesDirectory)){
	while(($file = readdir($dir))!== false){

		$imagePath = $ImagesDirectory.$file;
		$destPath = $DestImagesDirectory.$file;
		$checkValidImage = @getimagesize($imagePath);

		if(file_exists($imagePath) && $checkValidImage) //Continue only if 2 given parameters are true
			//Image looks valid, resize.
				echo $file.' resize Success!<br />';
				Now Image is resized, may be save information in database?

				echo $file.' resize Failed!<br />';

//Function that resizes image.
function resizeImage($SrcImage,$DestImage, $MaxWidth,$MaxHeight,$Quality)
   	list($iWidth,$iHeight,$type)	= getimagesize($SrcImage);
    $ImageScale          	= min($MaxWidth/$iWidth, $MaxHeight/$iHeight);
    $NewWidth              	= ceil($ImageScale*$iWidth);
    $NewHeight             	= ceil($ImageScale*$iHeight);
    $NewCanves             	= imagecreatetruecolor($NewWidth, $NewHeight);

		case 'image/jpeg':
			$NewImage = imagecreatefromjpeg($SrcImage);
		case 'image/png':
			$NewImage = imagecreatefrompng($SrcImage);
		case 'image/gif':
			$NewImage = imagecreatefromgif($SrcImage);
			return false;

	// Resize Image
    if(imagecopyresampled($NewCanves, $NewImage,0, 0, 0, 0, $NewWidth, $NewHeight, $iWidth, $iHeight))
        // copy file
            return true;


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