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I have a PHP file that responds with a similar javascript response to below.
var count = 0;
var actors = [];
var directors = [];
var movies = ["7​/n​/n# L<DxJ", "7x​/nx​/nxlNTv", "(N​/lN​/lNUnNTv", "}x​/Yx​/YxL#llNTv", "}​/Y​/Y<L<J", "O​/u​;uiLY<J", "@​/J​/JNUL<DxJ"];
var hidden = [];
var r_space = null;
var chars = {
    "i": "N",
    "R": "6",
    "u": "T",
    "a": "i",
    "V": "p",
    ">": "a"
for (var i in chars) {
    if (i == ' ') r_space = asta[i];

The movie names are encoded using a simple algorithm using var chars. I want to iterate through the var movies and get all values in to an array so I can decode them.

What I have tried:

I tried using below code to split by ";" and then store it an array but the issues is some words in var movies also contain ";".
<pre lang="Python">var_array = str(response.content.decode()).split(";")[7][14:-1].split(",")
for va in var_array:

Is there a different way I can get all values in var movies to an array and then decode? Thanks.

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