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Rid	dept	ID
1	1	1
2	6	2
3	2	3
4	3	4
5	1	1
6	2	2
7	3	3
8	4	4
9	1	1
10	2	2
11	3	3
12	7	4

Hi All, I have a scenario where the following two lines in a table, if the value in the Dept column is anything except the distinct values from column Id, it should be showing the values in result.

For example, if the id selected is 1 it should check if the corresponding values in Dept column is anything except(1,2,3,4), if yes list that and same goes for all the values in column Id.

In case of Id=2, the visible row should be Dept 6 ID 2 as Dept code is not from distinct values from ID.

What I have tried:

select DO1.dept,DO2.ID ,* from Table1 DO1 left join Table2 DO2
on DO1.Rid=DO2.Rid
where DO1.dept<>DO2.ID 
Updated 28-Mar-22 7:26am

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PreetMDX 28-Mar-22 12:16pm    
I have tried that already but that doesn't provide the data which I'm expecting. The resultset would be like this:

dept ID
6 2
7 4

for each ID I'm trying to compare the departments.
Not sure if I understand correctly but perhaps something like
select mt.dept,
from mytable mt
where mt.dept not in (select distinct 
                      from mytable mt2)
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