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I am converting an old Silverlight application into Asp.Net Core, using Blazor and Razor Pages.

The old application is opening Outlook, and creating an email ready to send with a Subject, From etc, plus a series of attachments.  It is creating an object to do this using the following code:

Dynamic outlook = AutomationFactory.GetObject("Outlook.Application").

The old COM based approach is not supported in ASP.Net core web-sites, however I haven’t been able to find any alternatives.  Any suggestions as to how I can do this in an ASP.Net Core Blazor web-site would be greatly appreciated.  Note that I cannot use a simple MailTo: (as I need to add attachments), and don’t actually want to send the email – I just want it created and loaded in Outlook, ready for the user to manually review\edit and send.

What I have tried:

I have tried COM interops.....
Updated 30-Mar-22 1:19am
Richard MacCutchan 30-Mar-22 6:26am
Microsoft recommend that you do not try to use Office applications in Websites, as they are often not available on the server.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Mar-22 9:23am
You can't interact with Outlook on the client machine. Doing so is a security risk and is, therefor, prohibited.

You could use a mailto link, but even that has problems as browsers impose a limit on the number of characters allowed in the link, usually around 2,000 characters depending on the browser.

1 solution

Why can't you simply present a TextArea that allows the user to review/edit, along with a Send button that does the mechanical stuff (using mailto).

BTW, you can add attachments with mailto - How to use mailto: links to send attachments? : INTERACT Technology[^]

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