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I need help as I just started learning SQL Server. I have this issue in appending the "required" columns from 4 different tables using SQL server and the problem here is that I want to connect the table even with a duplicate column name and display it all.

Database name is hower:

table 1: dep = dp, den

table 2: section = id, sec

table 4: users = id, fame, lame, deptID, section yearlevel

table 5: year= id, string

What I have tried:

I've tried doing right join, but I can only join two tables together with its column, but the data in each column had become null.
Updated 3-Apr-22 11:00am
0x01AA 3-Apr-22 11:54am    

1 solution

You can't join tables unless there is a relationship between them: they need to "share" information between them.

And there is nothing in your tables that is recognisably common data, except for a "deptID" in "table 4" which doesn't exist in any of the other three tables!

You JOIN tables when they do have a relationship: for example:
Invoices Table

InvoicceLines Table

Then to pick up the whole invoice, you use a JOIN:
SELECT i.InvNumber, il.*
FROM Invoices i
JOIN InvoiceLines il
  ON il.InvID = i.ID
WHERE i.InvNumber = 666

But if there is no relationship, there is nothing to JOIN!
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Maciej Los 3-Apr-22 15:09pm    
Short And To The Point!
Member 15356357 4-Apr-22 3:17am    
is there any other way to connect them?
OriginalGriff 4-Apr-22 3:52am    
Not unless there is some "common factor" - and we would have no idea what that was!

Think about it: how would you connect a list of pets and their names, ages, and preferred food with a list of cars that used a specific car park and their make, model, colour, and which parking space they used when?

You can't - because there is no common data, and nobody has any idea what a relationship might be. The two datasets may be related if the car park is exclusively used for pet store customers, but you and I have no idea if it is!

So think about your data and what it represents - identify what information relationships there are, and then you can start thinking about linking them.

Sorry, but we can't help you with that at all!

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