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1 def find_max(nums):
2 max_num = float("-inf") # smaller than all other numbers
3 for num in nums:
4 if num > max_num:
5 # (Fill in the missing line here)
6 return max_num

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a.num = max_num
b.max_num += 1
c.max_num = num
d.max_num += num

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i tried getting a solution to it after working through
Updated 5-Apr-22 2:49am

With 4 possible answers even an experimental brute force approach would work.
The function should return the maximum number.
Now, if the current maximum max_num is smaller than num is it still the maximum? Should it be updated?
Which is a good candidate for updating it?
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i tried getting a solution to it after working through
How about doing what you are supposed to do, and actually think about the problem. If the current number is greater than the existing maximum then how would you remember it for the next time round the loop?
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CPallini 5-Apr-22 7:50am    
5.Questions like this one... Computer Science at its best! :-D
Richard MacCutchan 5-Apr-22 7:52am    

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