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Let me ask you an abstract question.
When I post a comment on YouTube, it works with ajax. If you look at the network, you will see a lot of data. What does all of that mean? In addition, the form, submit, and input type hidden to contain these elements are not visible. Is there another way to send these elements to the server without a form element? I see this as a security technique on YouTube.
Thanks for your time..

What I have tried:

{"context":{"client":{"hl":"ko","gl":"KR","remoteHost":"","deviceMake":"","deviceModel":"","visitorData":"Cgt6M0ljaFJRNUd2QSia9NCSBg%3D%3D","userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/100.0.4896.75 Safari/537.36,gzip(gfe)","clientName":"WEB","clientVersion":"2.20220406.09.00","osName":"Windows","osVersion":"10.0","originalUrl":"","platform":"DESKTOP","clientFormFactor":"UNKNOWN_FORM_FACTOR","configInfo":{"appInstallData":"CJr00JIGEPCCrgUQmOqtBRDD8q0FELfLrQUQ1IOuBRDmh64FENi-rQUQkfj8Eg%3D%3D"},"timeZone":"Asia/Seoul","browserName":"Chrome","browserVersion":"100.0.4896.75","screenWidthPoints":1859,"screenHeightPoints":549,"screenPixelDensity":1,"screenDensityFloat":1,"utcOffsetMinutes":540,"userInterfaceTheme":"USER_INTERFACE_THEME_LIGHT","connectionType":"CONN_CELLULAR_4G","memoryTotalKbytes":"8000000","mainAppWebInfo":{"graftUrl":"","pwaInstallabilityStatus":"PWA_INSTALLABILITY_STATUS_UNKNOWN","webDisplayMode":"WEB_DISPLAY_MODE_BROWSER","isWebNativeShareAvailable":true}},"user":{"lockedSafetyMode":false},"request":{"useSsl":true,"internalExperimentFlags":[],"consistencyTokenJars":[]},"clientScreenNonce":"MC4yMTg3ODE5MTQyMDA2MjQy","clickTracking":{"clickTrackingParams":"CN8BEPBbIhMI5unfup6M9wIVzUr1BR36gAXj"},"adSignalsInfo":{"params":[{"key":"dt","value":"1649687072164"},{"key":"flash","value":"0"},{"key":"frm","value":"0"},{"key":"u_tz","value":"540"},{"key":"u_his","value":"8"},{"key":"u_h","value":"1080"},{"key":"u_w","value":"1920"},{"key":"u_ah","value":"1050"},{"key":"u_aw","value":"1920"},{"key":"u_cd","value":"24"},{"key":"bc","value":"31"},{"key":"bih","value":"549"},{"key":"biw","value":"1843"},{"key":"brdim","value":"10,5,10,5,1920,0,1875,1030,1859,549"},{"key":"vis","value":"1"},{"key":"wgl","value":"true"},{"key":"ca_type","value":"image"}]}},"createCommentParams":"EgtiWmRHLUdGOS1xNCoCCABQBw%3D%3D","commentText":"hello"}
Updated 11-Apr-22 5:44am

1 solution

A lot of the data that you're seeing there will be internal information which is useful to YouTube (for example, pwaInstallabilityStatus indicates whether the device can install the site as a PWA), and chances are most of it is going to be meaningless to you. Some of the data may also be verification (such as CSRF token) to make sure the request is coming from a reliable source. We're not really meant to know what it means, though some of it you can work out yourself.

As for not using a form element, that's because that content has been encoded to JSON. What YouTube has probably done is used Javascript to pull in the comment text, then formulated a JSON request for the server-side. This is a very common practise in web development, with the advent of single-page applications it's become more of a common practise to use JSON/REST for frontend/backend communication.

In Javascript it's extremely easy to produce a request like that:

const object = {
  name: "Joe Bloggs",
  age: 198,
  occupation: "Abstract Being"

const payload = JSON.stringify(object);

// {
//   "name": "Joe Bloggs",
//   "age": 198,
//   "occupation": "Abstract Being"
// }

A page which might provide some more information on JSON requests: Using the Fetch API - Web APIs | MDN[^]
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Chopin2001 11-Apr-22 12:37pm    
I don't think there is a better answer. My doubts have been cleared. thank you.

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