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Take the input of a name and print its abbreviation after the last name. For example, if I input,Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, it will output Tendulkar SR.

What I have tried:

string = input()

name = string.split()
abr = ''
for i in name :
output = (name[-1] + "" + abr[:len(abr)-1].upper())
print (output)
What is the mistake ? I am not getting gap between Tendulkar and S
Updated 19-Apr-22 1:35am

output = (name[-1] + "" + abr[:len(abr)-1].upper())

You need an actual space between the two double quote characters.
output = (name[-1] + " " + abr[:len(abr)-1].upper())

But a better way would be to use one of the formatting features of Python, see 7. Input and Output — Python 3.9.12 documentation[^].
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output = (name[-1] + "" + abr[:len(abr)-1].upper())

There isn't a space between the first and second double quote characters...
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