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HI, i'm try to extract some keys from the app.config file in visual studio mac, but isn't working.

using System;
using System.Configuration;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
using OpenQA.Selenium;
using OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome;

namespace PrimoFramework
    public class UnitTest1
        public void TestMethod1()



This is my app.config file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

       <add key = "Browser" value="Chrome"/>
         <add key = "Username" value=""/>
          <add key = "Password" value="1995!Mille"/>


I create the app.config file adding a new file at the project and i tried to link it with my file.cs using the relative Nuget Package "system.configuration".

What I have tried:

Using the method WriteLine for see if all was working I received this message on the output:

This is my output:

No return value.

Is here anyone how knows how to solve the problem with the mac?
Updated 20-Apr-22 0:16am
0x01AA 20-Apr-22 6:34am    
The tag in the xml needs to be <appSettings></appSettings>

1 solution

The key in your App.config file should be appSettings with a trailing "s".
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Nima Nikravan 20-Apr-22 6:23am    
Oh thanks, nice one, but still not working.
Richard MacCutchan 20-Apr-22 6:49am    
I do not have a Mac system but it works fine in Windows. You need to use the debugger to find out what is happening.
Nima Nikravan 20-Apr-22 12:11pm    
257640 <no name=""> 0x0 in System.Threading.ManualResetEventSlim.Wait(int millisecondsTimeout, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken)
257657 <no name=""> 0x0 in PrimoFramework.UnitTest1.TestMethod1() Line 16 at /Users/nimanikravan/Projects/PrimoFramework/PrimoFramework/UnitTest1.cs:16,13
257662 Worker Thread 0x0 in Interop.Sys.Poll(System.Runtime.InteropServices.SafeHandle fd, Interop.Sys.PollEvents events, int timeout, out Interop.Sys.PollEvents triggered)
257664 <no name=""> 0x0 in System.Net.Sockets.SocketAsyncEngine.EventLoop()
257665 <no name=""> 0x0 in System.Threading.ManualResetEventSlim.Wait(int millisecondsTimeout, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken)

Really don't know how to use this :(
Richard MacCutchan 20-Apr-22 12:18pm    
Sorry, I have no idea what that is about.

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