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I have a housing dataset in which I have both categorical and numerical variables. Out of this dataset I created another dataset of numeric_attributes only in which I have numeric_attributes in an array. Dataset - Array values. Numeric_attributes [No. of bedrooms, Price, Age]

Now I want to loop over Numeric_attributes array first and then inside each element to calculate mean of each numeric_attribute.

Dataset 1 Age Price Location 20 56000 ABC 30 58999 XYZ

Dataset 2 (Array in dataframe) Numeric_attributes [Age, Price]

output Mean(Age) Mean(Price)

What I have tried:

def minimum_value(df2):
    min_value = lambda x: x.min()
    for a in df2.collect():
        for b in a.collect():
            min_udf = F.udf(lambda row: [min_value(x) for x in b])
            df2.withColumn('minimum_value', min_udf(F.col('Numerical_attributes').cast("array<int>")))
        return df2
Updated 21-Apr-22 6:43am
Richard MacCutchan 21-Apr-22 5:28am    
What is the problem with that code?

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