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My Web Application was Working Fine for years till last year now but from last few months I'm getting
sqloledb failed with no error message available result code: E_OUTOFMEMORY

and from last few days I'm getting error twice a day(Even after restarting Server).

How I can track the reason.

What I have tried:

Checked Memory Leak in the application but no such leak found but it(
) should not come in half Day!!
Updated 22-Apr-22 2:12am

Check your hosting service and it's settings (both web server and DB Engine) - at a guess the rows you are retrieving are exceeding some limit which may have been changed recently.

We can't help you further with this - we have no access to yoru code, or either of your servers!
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kedar001 22-Apr-22 6:08am    
thanks for the reply..
can you please provide any reference from which I will get the direction to find the issue ..
OriginalGriff 22-Apr-22 7:11am    
No - we really have no access to your code, or the systems on which it works. And you need that to even start looking in depth at what might be going on.

Start with your hosting service and see if they can isolate and recent changes which might be affecting it, or some more detailed error message(s) you can think about.

Sorry, but we can't do that for you!
kedar001 22-Apr-22 7:30am    
ok Thanks for your Reply..
OriginalGriff 22-Apr-22 7:57am    
You're welcome!
Good luck ...
Are you loading a large number of records into memory anywhere? Just because "it has been working for years" does not mean you were doing things correctly.

It's possible your database table(s) have now had so much data inserted into them, your code for retrieving that data is now running out of memory to hold it all.

What's the solution? Not so fast. You first have to figure out what the problem is, and you are the only one who can do that. Nobody else knows anything about the code, data, and how you're retrieving that data.
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