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I am creating an ASP.Net website with VB.Net as code behind and this is the error that appears from the published version on a web server (this does not appear when run directly from the code or from the published version on the IIS server):

error message screenshot

This is a snippet from the controller:

Function Index(ByVal pSurveyName As String) As ActionResult
            If IsNothing(pSurveyName) Then
                Return New HttpStatusCodeResult(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest)
            End If
            Dim l_question As Object = GetQuestion()
            Return View(l_question)
        Catch ex As Exception
            Call ExceptionHandler(ex)
            Return View()
        End Try
    End Function

    Function GetQuestion() As Object
        Dim l_questionnaire = Session("ActiveQuestionnaire")
        Dim l_surveySession = Session("SurveySession")
        Dim l_redirectQueue = Session("RedirectQueue")
        Dim l_sessionAnswers = Session("SessionAnswers")
        Dim l_CurrentQuestion As CurrentItem = New CurrentItem
        Dim l_Choices As List(Of Choice) = New List(Of Choice)
        Dim l_TempDBQuestions = db.Questions
        Dim l_TempDBChildQuestions = db.ChildQuestions
        Dim l_TempDBChoices = db.Choices
        Dim l_tempFiltered_Q
        Dim li_questionnaireID As Integer
        Dim li_questionCtr As Integer
        Dim li_total_NoOfQuestion As Integer = 0
        Dim li_resultCount As Integer = 0
        Dim li_childQID As Integer = 0
        Dim ls_prevAnswer As String = ""
        Dim ls_err As String = ""
            li_questionnaireID = l_questionnaire.ID
            li_questionCtr = l_surveySession.QuestionCtr

            If Session("Back") = False Then
                li_questionCtr = GetQuestionCtr(NEXT_QUESTION, l_surveySession, l_redirectQueue, l_sessionAnswers,, ls_prevAnswer)
                Dim l_current = Session("CurrentQuestion")
                li_questionCtr = GetQuestionCtr(PREVIOUS_QUESTION, l_surveySession, l_redirectQueue, l_sessionAnswers, l_current, ls_prevAnswer)
            End If

            l_tempFiltered_Q = l_TempDBQuestions.Where(Function(q) q.QuestionnaireID.Equals(li_questionnaireID) And q.QuestionOrder.Equals(li_questionCtr))
            li_resultCount = l_TempDBQuestions.Where(Function(q) q.QuestionnaireID.Equals(li_questionnaireID) And q.QuestionOrder.Equals(li_questionCtr)).Count

            If li_resultCount = 0 Then
                l_tempFiltered_Q = l_TempDBChildQuestions.Where(Function(q) q.QuestionnaireID.Equals(li_questionnaireID) And q.QuestionOrder.Equals(li_questionCtr))
                Session("FrmChildQuestions") = True
                Session("FrmChildQuestions") = False
            End If

            For Each item In l_tempFiltered_Q
                'item could be from Questions or ChildQuestions
                If li_resultCount = 0 Then
                    Session("IsNextQuestionChild") = item.IsNextQuestionChild
                End If
                With l_CurrentQuestion
                    .ID = item.ID
                    .QuestionnaireID = item.QuestionnaireID
                    .QuestionOrder = item.QuestionOrder
                    .Description = item.Description
                    .AnswerType = item.AnswerType
                    .AllowMultipleAnswers = item.AllowMultipleAnswers
                    .QuestionNo = item.QuestionNo
                    .Required = item.Required
                    .TempAnswer = ls_prevAnswer
                End With


            If l_CurrentQuestion.AnswerType = constants.MULTIPLE_CHOICE Then
                'Get Choices
                Dim li_questionID As Integer = l_CurrentQuestion.ID
                If li_resultCount = 0 Then
                    l_Choices = db.Choices.SqlQuery("select * from Choices where ChildQuestionID = " & li_questionID & "").ToList
                    l_Choices = db.Choices.SqlQuery("select * from Choices where QuestionID = " & li_questionID & "").ToList
                End If
                Session("Choices") = l_Choices
            End If

            If Session("TotalQuestions") Is Nothing Then
                li_total_NoOfQuestion = db.Database.SqlQuery(Of Integer) _
                    ("select max(a.MaxOrder) from(select max(QuestionOrder) " &
                    "as MaxOrder from Questions union select QuestionOrder from " &
                Session("TotalQuestions") = li_total_NoOfQuestion
            End If

            With l_surveySession
                .QuestionCtr = li_questionCtr
            End With

            Session("SurveySession") = l_surveySession
            Session("CurrentQuestion") = l_CurrentQuestion
            Session("Back") = False
            Return l_CurrentQuestion
        Catch ex As Exception
            Call ExceptionHandler(ex)
        End Try
    End Function

And this is from the view:

@ModelType Survey_App.Models.CurrentItem
ViewData("Title") = "Index"
Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.vbhtml"
Dim l_choices = Session("Choices")
Dim l_activeSurvey = Session("ActiveSurvey")
Dim ls_tempAnsType As String = Model.AnswerType.ToString 'this is the line indicated in the error msg
Dim ls_temp As String = ""
Dim ls_tempAnswer() As String = Nothing

Dim li_totalQuestions As Integer = 0
li_totalQuestions = Session("TotalQuestions")
Dim ls_POSTAction As String = vbNullString

What I have tried:

The error appears some time (maybe 10-15 seconds) after going through the home page but not always immediately. I also tried some debugging and it looks like the session variables also return nothing after that some time.
Sandeep Mewara 25-Apr-22 4:41am
Based on screenshot, it's a NRE. You should be able to put breakpoint see exactly which object is NULL and then handle it.
Member 14931933 25-Apr-22 4:48am
I'm sorry but what is NRE? I have already tried putting a breakpoint and debugging and found out that all of the Session variables have null values and even the webviewpage model returns a null value even though I already set the sessionState timeout to 900 seconds. And this only happens on the web server.
Richard Deeming 25-Apr-22 11:58am
NRE = NullReferenceException

Either Model is Nothing, or Model.AnswerType is nothing. You need to debug your code to find out which, and then work out why.

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