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I'm trying to run an implementation of region growing for point clouds using python based on the documentation given by pcl. The shown error appears:
C:\Users\youss\AppData\Local\Temp\ipykernel_13008\ RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in arccos
  if all([nn_cur in order , np.arccos(np.abs([seed_cur[seedval]],normals[nn_cur])))<theta_th]):

the code:
import math
import numpy as np
from sklearn.neighbors import KDTree
tree    = KDTree(unique_rows, leaf_size=2) 
dist,nn_glob = tree.query(unique_rows[:len(unique_rows)], k=30) 
def normalsestimation(pointcloud,nn_glob,VP=[0,0,0]):
    ViewPoint = np.array(VP)
    normals = np.empty((np.shape(pointcloud)))
    curv    = np.empty((len(pointcloud),1))
    for index in range(len(pointcloud)):
        nn_loc = pointcloud[nn_glob[index]]
        COV = np.cov(nn_loc,rowvar=False)
        eigval, eigvec = np.linalg.eig(COV)
        idx = np.argsort(eigval)
        nor = eigvec[:,idx][:,0]
        if[index,:])) > 0:
            normals[index] = nor
            normals[index] = - nor
        curv[index] = eigval[idx][0] / np.sum(eigval)
    return normals,curv
def regiongrowing1(pointcloud,nn_glob,theta_th = 'auto', cur_th = 'auto'):
    normals,curvature = normalsestimation(pointcloud,nn_glob=nn_glob)
    order             = curvature[:,0].argsort().tolist()
    region            = []
    if theta_th == 'auto':
        theta_th          = 15.0 / 180.0 * math.pi # in radians
    if cur_th == 'auto':
        cur_th            = np.percentile(curvature,98)
    while len(order) > 0:
        region_cur = []
        seed_cur   = []
        poi_min    = order[0] #poi_order[0]
        seedval = 0

#        for i in range(len(seed_cur)):#change to while loop
        while seedval < len(seed_cur):
            nn_loc  = nn_glob[seed_cur[seedval]]
            for j in range(len(nn_loc)):
                nn_cur = nn_loc[j]
                if all([nn_cur in order , np.arccos(np.abs([seed_cur[seedval]],normals[nn_cur])))<theta_th]):
                    if curvature[nn_cur] < cur_th:
    return region
region1  = regiongrowing1(unique_rows,nn_glob)

What I have tried:

I've searched and found that this error is because the value given to arccos should be in the range[-1,1] but don't know where is the cause nor how to fix it!
Richard MacCutchan 29-Apr-22 7:18am
So use the debugger to find out what actual value is being passed, and why. Either you have bad data being input, or a calculation error.

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