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I have a watchfolder written in VB code and it works fine...but how can I detect the creation of a file with the same name?

For example:
1. file 1.txt is created -> code goes in action
2. file 2.txt is created -> code goes in action
3. file 1.txt is created (again) -> no reaction from code
4. file 4.txt is created -> code goes in action

Is there a way to 'reset' the watchfolder?

What I have tried:

checked for methods but can't find the solution...
Updated 9-May-22 6:26am
Richard MacCutchan 9-May-22 6:00am
Your code will need to keep a note of all the files so it can check if one already exists.
Rob Bals 9-May-22 6:43am

you're absolutely right! I'v added some extra logging and the folderwatcher IS firing! The error is in my code as a part of not having multiple actions when a file is created.

My bad!!!! Sorry but anyway your hint helped me!


1 solution

Simple solution would be to check if the file already exists,
If System.IO.File.Exists(file) Then
    'donot fire
End If

Hope it helps.

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