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Here is a simple mydql query statement: This sentence finds how many users liked a comment.
I want to clearly understand the meaning of the query.
Comments are one of the most data-rich items on the web. For a large website, the size will be huge. If there are 1 billion comments, does that query scan and verify all 1 billion data? If so, it looks very inefficient. It's like a police officer visiting a house to find a few suspects in a country with a billion people, isn't it? Rather, it seems efficient to add a count column and update the number every time the user clicks the like button. I wonder what processing is done internally when that query occurs.

What I have tried:

select * from like where comment_id="?";
Updated 9-May-22 22:10pm

1 solution

If there is an index on comment_id then no, it will not scan and "verify" all 1 billion data.

See the documentation MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 8.8 Understanding the Query Execution Plan[^]
Maciej Los 10-May-22 7:54am
Chopin2001 10-May-22 16:24pm
I'm learning the database now. Thank you for good material

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