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. $env:USERPROFILE\.config\powershell\user_profile.ps1

ERROR:E212 cant open file for writing:no such file or directory

What I have tried:

i gave all permission to user_profile.ps1
Updated 22-Dec-22 7:53am

It's not the powershell file itself that needs permissions, it's one of the commands it contains that is trying to output to a specific file that causes it. Probably, it's trying to reference a folder that doesn't exist.

Start by looking at the Powershell script in the file and see what it actually does.

Sorry, but we can't help you with that!
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Above error comes because you dont have a default powershell profile file
IN powershell terminal Run,
<pre lang="powershell">echo $PROFILE

Output will be in this format which is the path to default powershell profile

The error comes because above file is not present, hence create it and put a space inside it and save it
nvim C:\Users\abesh\OneDrive\Documents\PowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1

Dont keep the file empty, add space and hit :wq to save and exit in nvim

Now run
nvim $PROFILE.CurrentUserCurrentHost

Add following lines to the file

. $env:USERPROFILE\.config\powershell\user_profile.ps1

Save and exit, You will not encounter any error.
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