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I am trying run a simple code in terminal using the input but that isn't getting right. Always apear a error message. Someone mighty help me understand what's going on, please?

That is the error message[^]

What I have tried:

I tried nothing because i really don't know
Updated 24-May-22 0:02am

Read the error message: "can't open file ... no such file or directory"
So look at the path and then use Windows Explorer to follow the path and file out what is missing.

We can't do that for you - we have no access to your file system!
The file containing your Python source is named, but you are calling the interpreter with the name Use the correct name for your source file.
It might seem a bit silly, but have you checked the file location? Does the file exist?
Richard Deeming 25-May-22 4:52am
Which is precisely what the existing solutions suggested, over a week before you posted this.
ahmad arabi 25-May-22 11:33am
I was expecting a no and this was just a kind way to ask the the real problem behind it. He might have tried to create the file or have searched online for the answer. Forums are the last hope for the unsearchable problems.
Richard Deeming 25-May-22 11:37am
The OP didn't reply to the two previous solutions. Unless he's practising Taarof[^], I doubt saying the same thing a third time will make much difference. :)

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