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I am making a project in Visual Studios using C# language which is an ecommerce website for a pharmacy with a Chatbot. I have made the website in web and have made the chatbot as a console based application. Both are two different projects as the website is web config and the chatbot is app config. So basically I wanted to attach the chatbot to my website, so for that the chatbot should be in web application type. So how can I convert my chatbot which is a console based application to a web application.

What I have tried:

I tried doing a little research on this topic but couldn't get any help.
Updated 18-May-22 21:43pm
Graeme_Grant 18-May-22 20:26pm    
You need to put the Core Functionality (non-UI) of your chat application in a shared library.

The UI parts that uses the Core Functionality is kept in the console and web application.

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There isn't a way to automatically do that, and how you do it will depend to a massive extent on the structure of the existing chatbot; how it is written.

If it's written as a layered application with clearly defined presentation and business layers then it's a case of replacing the presentation layer with a GUI instead of a console, and using the existing business / data layers unchanged.

But ... most console apps aren't written like that: the code is mixed together so that data access and business rules are implemented in console based code. In that case, it's a no-brainer: bin the thing and start again from scratch with a clear design wich does separate the functions.

Sorry, we can't be more explicit than that - we have no access to your existing code!
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