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Hi, good day, I'm currently having a project which requires me to my own packet generator. I don't have a good background in programming and networking. May I know how can I start with this, what I need to have or anything to make it easier for me to get started. I propose to create this program on Linux vm and using python language and generate simple packets using the OSI model, focusing on layers 2, 3 & 4, and worry about handling only the basic important protocols like Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, and UDP. But I'm open to any other suggestions that will help. Thank you 😊

What I have tried:

I did some googling on how to make this packet generator and searched for open source packet generator, but I still have no idea where and how to start with my project.
Updated 21-May-22 15:41pm
Richard MacCutchan 21-May-22 14:27pm
The first think you need to decide is what you want to put into each packet. Only then can you start to work out how to program it.

1 solution

Hello !

implement on 'protocols', it's request through the network.


maybe source code like 'ethereal/wireshark' could help you, it's a free tool about capturing packets and analysing them. try it. ;)

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