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The chatbot is working , but once I ask any thing it just replies by saying " No response generated." I got this chatbot website from your codeproject website only.

Adding a Self Hosted Chatbot to an ASP.NET Website[^]

I wanted to know that how would I get response from it ?

What I have tried:

Adding a Self Hosted Chatbot to an ASP.NET Website[^]
Updated 22-May-22 5:18am

1 solution

Don't post this under Quick Answers - if you got the code from an article, then there is a "Add a Comment or Question" button at the bottom of that article, which causes an email to be sent to the author. They are then alerted that you wish to speak to them.
Posting this here relies on them "dropping by" and realising it is for them.
ramsha naaz 22-May-22 11:53am
ok does anybody else know the answer to my question... I have posted in the comments under that article as well...but I want urgent responses as I have to use it for my project... Please Help
OriginalGriff 22-May-22 12:22pm
You posted your comment there 45 minutes ago, on a Sunday afternoon, to an American.

You are unlikely to get a response until tomorrow at the earliest, and he is the best person (possibly the only person) who knows the project well enough to answer you in any detail.

Have at least a little patience ...

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