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I want to draw a line that has a hexagon at the end. with mouse move event. I can draw a circle or a square, but not a hexagon!

What I have tried:

I want draw a line that have a hexagon at the end
Updated 1-Feb-23 0:47am
Richard MacCutchan 29-May-22 3:40am    
You have not explained what the problem is. Drawing a hexagon is a matter of drawing six line segments each of the same length. At the end of each segment you need to alter direction by 120 degrees in a clockwise direction. At the end of the sixth segment you should have a closed hexagon.
Greg Utas 29-May-22 8:25am    
And should a projection of the line (a) bisect the hexagon through two vertices, (b) through two edges, (c) form one of the hexagon's sides, or (d) I don't care as long as it's a hexagon! Decisions, decisions. :)
Richard MacCutchan 29-May-22 8:32am    
My thoughts exactly. :)
Although I have just spent the last half hour studying Hexagon[^].
moshaveran 29-May-22 9:16am    
I know how draw a hexagon. with this codes:
Public Sub DrawHex(x As Integer, y As Integer)
Dim side As Integer = 25 '' the length of the side of a hex
Dim ShortSide As Single = Convert.ToSingle(System.Math.Sin(30 * System.Math.PI / 180) * side)
Dim LongSide As Single = Convert.ToSingle(System.Math.Cos(30 * System.Math.PI / 180) * side)
Dim Points(5) As PointF
Points(0) = New PointF(x, y)
Points(1) = New PointF(x + side, y)
Points(2) = New PointF(x + side + ShortSide, y + LongSide)
Points(3) = New PointF(x + side, y + LongSide + LongSide)
Points(4) = New PointF(x, y + LongSide + LongSide)
Points(5) = New PointF(x - ShortSide, y + LongSide)
bmg.DrawPolygon(p, Points)
End Sub

but my problem is that I need draw a line that have a hexagon at the end.
In a new post, I will show a picture of what I want
Richard MacCutchan 29-May-22 9:28am    
That is just a question of drawing a line and drawing a hexagon, and connecting them at some common point.

1 solution

You can draw a line: I know that because your other questions indicate it.
You can draw a hexagon: you have said so.

So ... draw a line. Use one of the end points as the center of the hexagon and offset the other six points you need from that: simple geometry using the angles which depend on the orientation of the hexagon.
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