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i'm working on this project the idea of it is that you give the program an image and using OCR in javascript the program well detect or (recognize) a string or a word for example ('رقم العداد') and copies the the number or the integer after the string with ( spaces ) like ==>>

نقطة الخدمة 200135644
so i'm using Tesseract.js ( Tesseract.recognize ) to recognize the string but at the first i faced an Error
Uncaught (in promise)
Erorr so after beating around the bush its turned out that the tesseract fail to detect some Arabic letters as they are so i print all the text detected from the image and it turend out that the string ['نقطة الخدمة'] is recognized as ['ننطة الخدمة'] and ['رقم العداد'] as ['رم العداد'] so using string.match method to maniplate and copy the number after the word the number was given for ['رم العداد'] was correct and clear but !!! for some reason the code is not copying the number written after the word ['ننطة الخدمة'] i tried to play around like adding spaces and tabs but the same problem is given so eventually i decieded to ask for some help so what is i'm missing

What I have tried:

  { logger: m => console.log(m) }
).then(({ data: { text } }) => {
    const info = ['ننطة الخدمة','رم العداد','القراءة'];
    var result = text.match(new RegExp(info[0] + '\\s+(\\w+)'))[1]; /* info[0] the index of ['نقطة الخدمة']*/


image [Uff.png]

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