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Q1. Write a function empDate () to compare two dates, it should return I if date 1 is before date 2, -1 if date 2 is before date 1 and o if dates are same. Here dates should e user input. As the dates are user input before writing empDate () write a function Isvalid () to find whether the input dates are valid or not.

What I have tried:

Didn't get the answer. Please solve this n provide the code from starting to end.
Updated 2-Jun-22 9:06am
Sean Ewington 2-Jun-22 13:29pm    
Thanks very much for your Question. We ask that on CodeProject, you post a clear, answerable question relevant to software development. In this case, your post poses a task for the members to perform, rather than a question they can help you answer. As such, your question has been removed. If would like to know more about how to post better questions on CodeProject, please email us at
Rick York 2-Jun-22 13:30pm    
Nope. That's your job.

Didn't get the answer. Please solve this n provide the code from starting to end.

You are learning, homework is practicing because you learn by trial and error.
Just giving you an answer, or finding one on internet will defeat the purpose of homework.

in the matter of dates using the format yyyymmdd internally simplify comparisons.
int Date1= 20220602;
// or
string Date2= "20220602";
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