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I have a listbox with the following lines with 3 unique strings in it:


(the output below is exactly what I need, For each line from Listbox to Richtextbox.text each on a new line):,0,,0000,0,aaaaa,aaaaa,0,1,0,0,0,,0000,0,aaaaa,aaaaa,0,1,0,0,0,,0000,0,aaaaa,aaaaa,0,1,0,0

Can someone help me with this in VB?
Sofar the code I am using is working but only for one line and I need it to do it with all lines from my Listbox.

Thank you

What I have tried:

Dim mynumberlist As New List(Of String)
For Each line As String In ListBox1.Items
Dim StringSplit() As String = line.Split("_") 
RichTextBox1.Text = StringSplit(2) & "_" & StringSplit(0) & "_" & StringSplit(1) & ",0," & StringSplit(2) & "," & StringSplit(3) & ",0," & StringSplit(0) & "," & StringSplit(1) & ",0,1,0,0"
Updated 5-Jun-22 3:07am

If you have code that words for one line, move it into a method that you pass a string, and which returns a string.
Then call it for each line in your listbox - you know how to do that, I'm sure.
Store the returned strings in a collection - a List or an Array is fine - then sort them into the order you need. (Array.Sort or Linq OrderBy will do it).
Then just set the RichTextBox.Lines property to the array of lines containing your sorted data.
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After some brainstorming I found my solution was rather simple..

I replaced
RichTextBox1.Text =

and everything I wanted is working 100% now, I can change the order of strings however I want it to be.

Maybe not the most perfect code but for now it works like a charm..

If the experts have a better/cleaner code let me know :),
Hopefully this code is usefull to someone.
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