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I am working on one "transportation software" ( windows forms application ) in which i have to develop vehicle tracking module.

I have no idea how to do this.

so anyone can guide me from where i can start it ?

Any paid third-party service is needed for it or not ?

I am developing in C# windows forms application.

What I have tried:

right now i have try nothing. just figuring out how I can do it.
Updated 11-Jun-22 23:06pm
Greg Utas 11-Jun-22 9:43am    
What do you mean by "tracking"? An inventory of vehicles and their assignments? Or their current location, updated in real time? Something else?
[no name] 11-Jun-22 9:46am    
I think you need to determine what "tracking" device you will be using. Then how to communicate with said device, etc.
Devendra Sarang 11-Jun-22 23:44pm    
for example, suppose there is car or truck with GPS system
so how can track in my C# windows application
PIEBALDconsult 12-Jun-22 9:18am    
You can't just track ad hoc vehicles.
Said devices would have to report the information to you -- and they won't do that.
Or you need to buy or design custom devices and install them in the vehicles.

Companies with fleets of vehicles install devices and the software for tracking and scheduling them.
When I wrote some software for a taxi company I had to figure out how to have my software listen in to the conversation between the cabs and the server, and then decode the GPS data -- no two software packages do it the same.

While we are more than willing to help those that are stuck, that doesn't mean that we are here to do it all for you! We can't do all the work, you are either getting paid for this, or it's part of your grades and it wouldn't be at all fair for us to do it all for you.

So we need you to do the work, and we will help you when you get stuck. That doesn't mean we will give you a step by step solution you can hand in!
Start by explaining where you are at the moment, and what the next step in the process is. Then tell us what you have tried to get that next step working, and what happened when you did.

If you are having problems getting started at all, then this may help: How to Write Code to Solve a Problem, A Beginner's Guide[^]
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Devendra Sarang 11-Jun-22 8:56am    
yes sir. i know that i have to write code.
what i am asking how i can achieve this ?
steps for it. i have no idea in tracking that's why i am asking
OriginalGriff 11-Jun-22 10:04am    
Start with the specification: the assignment you were given if you have nothing else - then expand that into a "proper" spec you can work from.

Then you need to find out what the vehicles have that would enable you to track them, or if they don't have a tracker onboard, start researching what is suitable.

From that, you get the coms info that you need to interface with and can start thinking about maybe designing (but not writing yet) some code.

But until you have the basics set up, you can't even decide how you app is to be hosted, or what environment it will run under, or what hardware it requires.

Nothing we can do for any of that!
Maybe you can use one of these GitHub solutions: vehicle-tracking · GitHub Topics[^]
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