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Hi friends

I Have a website . i need to add an online chat in my website so that the visitors can chat with me 24hrs .if i am online i should get the notification bla bla. is there any simple ways . like widget .
if then how to do it in my website please help me...

I know the useful component that simplify chat conversation operation in just google "MangoChat". It's free and u can use it in every pages. Also it has very useful guideline document that u can use it for help
just try it one time! u will love it ;)
vinodkumarnie 5-Feb-13 3:43am
nice one..
Have you ever tried using Google? If not then try it...Google has invested millions of work hours and billions of dollars in creating google , so that developers like us can find answers to simple programming questions like this within a few seconds....

Not sure?? Check here[^] is the proof...
Adam R Harris 4-Feb-13 11:06am
lol +5.
Not sure if you are aware of it or not but there is a great sight for pointing this out to users (LetMeGoogleThatForYou).
If You Wirte Chat Engin Then You Is Very Relax!!!
i Write Chat Engin.Whith Application Class Is Very Simple!!!
Try it guy .
Failure Is Not An Option
Good Luck
Since you're talking about ASP.NET you can have the SignalR service by ASP.NET. Which is dedicated for such realtime updates accross the network.

All the users across the system would be able to chat and you can control the messages by showing them to only a number of users.[^]

This way you can use the pure ASP.NET help and create a system for yourself.

If you don't wanna use this, then you have many other options. You can either use a Third-Party software. Or you can create one of your own.

To create one of your own, you'd require some skills in programming. Such as basic ones, as how to program in ASP.NET, and how to use a Database. In the Database you would create the tables and there you would save the values the users would pass on to you. After that, you'll simply just show them on the Web page. It would just require a simple Database.

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