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#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main() {
  std::string fullName;
  std::cout << "Type your full name: ";
  getline (std::cin, fullName);
  int n;
  std::cout<<"Enter which index(start from 0) word you want to change: ";
  std::cout<<"Enter what do you want to change in this index number "<<n<<":";
  std::cin >> fullName[n];
  std::cout << "Your name is: " << fullName;
  return 0;

What I have tried:

Type your full name: Anika Tasnim
Enter which index(start from 0) word you want to change: 2
Enter what do you want to change in this index number 2:^[[3~
Your name is: Ana Tasnim

In this program, I want to omit characters from a string. So I take the index number from the user to which character to omit. But I mistakenly type DEL from the keyboard, after running the program I find indexes 2 and 3 characters were deleted. So my question is why does it happen? and What to do to delete index number 2?
Updated 22-Jun-22 13:44pm
Richard MacCutchan 21-Jun-22 11:34am    
Your code works correctly. Whatever you typed at the keyboard should be reflected in the displayed name before your code processes it.
Rick York 21-Jun-22 20:26pm    
I would be using a debugger to solve this problem. It should show you exactly what is going on.

The problem is that you are using Unicode, which uses a variable number of bytes to store a character: some will be one byte, some will be 2, and so on. Alphabetic characters are generally one byte, but DEL is likely to be several.
So reading a string into a string at an index is ... going to be problematic.
Instead, read your replacement string into a new instance of std::string then use string::substr - C++ Reference[^] to extract both the leading and tailing data from your original input and then assemble a new string from teh three new pieces:
input:             ABCDE
Replace at index:      2
Replacement:           X
Break input
   S1:                AB
   S2:                DE
New string = S1 + Replacement + S2
           = ABXDE
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Richard MacCutchan 21-Jun-22 11:30am    
"problem is that you are using Unicode"
Er, std::cin, cout and string are all ASCII.
I believe this is the offending line.
std::cin >> fullName[n];
The bitshift operator when used with std::cin expects a reference to a string and passing fullName[n] will copy the string you enter into the nth position and that copy will likely include the null character along with other character(s) you enter.

For debugging purposes I would display first character you enter as an integer and see if it is 127. It might be null instead, depending on the behavior of the bitshift operator with std::string. I don't know exactly because I rarely use cin and cout.
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