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I need to make desktop application with limited installation time.
for example:
C# WPF app with 20 times install.
to work on 20 PC only
with out internet connection.

What I have tried:

i tried to create database contains installing time
but it's not synced with the real time
and can be copied easily.
Updated 27-Jun-22 18:31pm
PIEBALDconsult 27-Jun-22 20:44pm
Yeah, no.
Member 15689284 27-Jun-22 20:53pm
no what?
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Jun-22 0:43am
Without an internet connection to a central licensing server? Impossible.

1 solution

Pretty much, you can't: if you distribute an electronic file, it can always be copied. If I receive your file, I have a copy of it. I copy that to PC1 and install it. No matter what the installation software or yoru app does on that PC, the original file is unchanged - so it is not possible to limit the number of times it is executed without some form of connection between the computers. Within a LAN segment it would be possible (but easily bypassed) to limit the number of installed / running copies, but two separate segments are independent, so each would happily install 20 times without knowing.

Don't you think that after all these years if this was possible it wouldn't be the default for all software and a complete end to software piracy?

You need an internet connection and server based protection to get even close to this!

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