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here is code snippet i try to compile, which result to compile error:
convert const char * to int is invalid;

can anyone help debug this code ?
thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

#include <iostream>
#include <typeinfo>

using namespace std;
int sums() { return 0; }

template <typename Type, typename... T>
int sums(const Type s, const T... args)
    int res = 0;
    if (typeid(s) == typeid(int))
        res += s;
        cout << "not int" << s << endl;
    res += sums(args...);
    return res;

int main()
    cout << sums(1,"sir", 4) << endl;
    return 0;
Updated 28-Jun-22 23:21pm
0x01AA 29-Jun-22 5:49am
See here: Parameter pack(since C++11) -[^], section 'Pack expansion'
sirun wang 30-Jun-22 22:53pm
i use constexpr fix it. -> constexpr (std::is_integral<t>::value)

1 solution

The string "sir" is not a number: you can't add it to an integer directly, and there is no way to convert "sir" to a number at all!
sirun wang 29-Jun-22 5:28am
but i use typeid to skip this error, only when the type is int can execute res += s; when the string "sir" will not execute int + int.
sirun wang 29-Jun-22 6:43am
so the complier only check the type of parameter but not judge the if else suitation?
Greg Utas 29-Jun-22 7:39am
Yes, that's what the compiler will do when it instantiates the template. You can probably get around it by wrapping each argument in a class that effectively acts as a union.
sirun wang 29-Jun-22 7:48am
thank you, so pretty answer for me! have a nice day and enjoy your life.

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