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Hi guys i have a problem passing a value of an element to my controller
this is my controller code:

public IActionResult OnPostMyUploader(IFormFile MyUploader, string empUsername)
    // No point loading and resizing the image if we're not going to use it:
    if (MyUploader is null) return new ObjectResult(new { status = "fail" });

    string uploadsFolder = @"\\\AQSImages\IdPictures\";
    string userfileName = empUsername.ToString() + ".jpg";
    string filePath = Path.Combine(uploadsFolder, userfileName);
    using var fileStream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Create);

    using var image = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(MyUploader.OpenReadStream());
    using var resized = new Bitmap(image, new System.Drawing.Size(150, 150));
    using var imageStream = new MemoryStream();
    resized.Save(imageStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

    imageStream.Seek(0L, SeekOrigin.Begin);
    return new ObjectResult(new { status = "success" });

I want to get the value empUserName from View :

<div class="col-4">
                                    <label class="w-100">Username</label>
                                    <input id="empUsername" class="input-form w-100" disabled>

What I have tried:

ASP.Net MVC How to pass data from view to controller - Stack Overflow[^]
Graeme_Grant 5-Jul-22 10:03am    
Your html above is all wrong. Please re-read the approved answer in the link that you provided.

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