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I am making a website and I have a tab in the site labeled "games" when you click "games" I want a slider with a image inside a div (so I can make it a button that takes you to a different part of the same website) and then text underneath. Now, this part is very important, I DO NOT want then text on the image. I want the text UNDER the image. The text should change when the image changes ( the image will be a picture of the game and the text will be the description of the game). Also very important, DO NOT USE SCSS, only normal html, css, and js. [While your at it, please add key code events so that when you push the left or right arrow the image and text moves correspondingly. I have no code for this, as I couldn't find what I'm looking for online, nor could I code it myself.

What I have tried:

I tried stackoverflow and finding it on codepen and glitch
Updated 12-Jul-22 22:05pm

THis Google Search will help you: html slider event listener examples - Google Search[^]

Here is one answer on how it works: onchange vs. oninput for Range Sliders - Impressive Webs[^]
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Cohen Johnson 12-Jul-22 21:35pm    
That is not at all the solution to my problem
Graeme_Grant 12-Jul-22 22:02pm    
I'm not going to write the code for you, that is your job.

What I have done is given you a search and one possible solution that you can use - All the framework is there, you just need to adapt to your "use case with div + content".

There are services like fiverr[^] and Freelancer[^] where you can pay someone to do it for you...
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