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I am creating a bar chart with two columns and an x-axis that I want to set from a column of dates to the x-axis labels. I can not see a way to do it, although, in Office 2010, I was able to.

What I have tried:

Tried to set series3 to it.
Checked in format chart axis/chart options.
Checked in format chart axis/text options.
Updated 16-Jul-22 9:35am
Graeme_Grant 13-Jul-22 20:12pm    
What is you code?
PaulaJoannAllen 13-Jul-22 21:11pm    
I am just creating the sheet, and the code will follow. I need to get the bar chart set up so I can use it.
Graeme_Grant 14-Jul-22 0:54am    
I'm learning C# Interop Excel as I answer these questions... It is interesting how it works...

I've expanded the ExcelHelper class from my last answer[^] to help with this answer:

public class ExcelHelper
    public ExcelHelper(string path)
        _path = path;
        _workbook = _excel.Workbooks.Open(path);

        _excel.DisplayAlerts = false;

    private readonly string _path;

    private readonly _Application _excel = new _Excel.Application();

    private readonly Workbook _workbook;

    public IEnumerable<Worksheet> Worksheets()
        foreach (Worksheet worksheet
                           in _workbook.Worksheets
            yield return worksheet;

    public IEnumerable<Chart> GetCharts(Worksheet worksheet)
        foreach (var chartObject
                     in worksheet.ChartObjects())
            yield return chartObject.Chart;

    public Worksheet Worksheet(string name)
        return (Worksheet)_workbook.Worksheets[name];

    public ChartObject ChartObject(Worksheet worksheet, string ChartName)
        return (ChartObject)worksheet.ChartObjects(ChartName);

    public void SaveChanges()
        _workbook.SaveAs(Filename: _path,
                         AccessMode: XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlNoChange);

    public void Close(bool Save = false)
        if (save)

       // no longer required

Here I have added methods Worksheet, ChartObject, and SaveChanges to help simplify common tasks.

Now to work with the chart object to set the data source:

string resourcePath = Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "Workbooks");
string path = Path.Combine(resourcePath, "Book1.xlsx");

ExcelHelper excelHelper = new ExcelHelper(path);

Worksheet worksheet = excelHelper.Worksheet("MySheet");
ChartObject chartObject = excelHelper.ChartObject(worksheet, "MyChart");
Chart myChart = chartObject.Chart;

// Data is already on the same worksheet as the chart
_Excel.Range ChartSourceRange = worksheet.Range["B22", "E25"];

// Set the Chart data

// Set the Chart Type
myChart.ChartType = XlChartType.xlColumnClustered;

// lets save an image of the Chart to file
//   so we can check what it looks like
myChart.Export(Path.Combine(resourcePath, "MyChart.bmp"), "BMP");

// We're done, so save changes

// Close the workbook

Tested and works. Enjoy...

PS: I should point out that you are working with COM objects, so you will need to release them. I would use an IDisposable interface on the ExcelHelper, but I will leave that up to you. You can read more here: Working with COM in .Net requires to release com objects - Stack Overflow[^]
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I made a new excel file with the chart in it, and I was now able to set the names on the x-axis.
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