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I have two tables Broadcast and Contact(foreign key of broadcastlist). I want to show broadcast tables all records and count of broadcastlistid in the contact table.

Now I want only those records from broadcast and contact table whose createdBy is 1 and Isdeleted is 0. I get this output from this Query.

DB Fiddle - SQL Database Playground[^]

Now I want to show the count of only those count who has to subscribe to at least one service in the system which are sms_subscribe, email_subscribe, and whatsapp_subscribe. and if all services are unsubscribe then those records should exclude from the count.

What I have tried:

I tried this way but I am not getting my desired output with this.

DB Fiddle -What I have tried [^]
Updated 20-Jul-22 0:30am

1 solution

When mixing AND and OR in an ON clause or a WHERE clause you need to include brackets e.g.
LEFT JOIN Contact c ON = c.broadcast_Id 
                      and c.Created_by = 1 
                      and c.isdeleted = 0
                          c.sms_sub = 'subscribe'
                          or c.eml_sub = 'subscribe'
                          or c.whtsap_sub = 'subscribe'
Hopefully this article will explain why this is necessarySQL: Using Parentheses with And / OR condition is necessary with where clause to gives expected result - Codepedia[^]
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HellySoni 20-Jul-22 6:05am    
Thank you so much, It works for me
CHill60 20-Jul-22 6:12am    
Good news! My pleasure
Maciej Los 21-Jul-22 3:32am    

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