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Am creating a software reminder for patients, where i need help is let say a patients came today (21-07-2022) for medical check-up and the interval for medical check-up is 2 weeks, i want it in such a way that the moment today has passed (21-07-2022) it will automatically schedule the patient to (04-08-2022) for another check-up by updating today (21-07-2022 to 04-08-2022). any idea please.

What I have tried:

Haven't tried anything, just looking for an idea or sample
Updated 9-Mar-23 10:36am
Richard MacCutchan 21-Jul-22 11:07am    
- Get the check up date and interval
- if check up date is less than today -> nothing to do
- if check up date is greater than today:
--- add interval to check up date
--- save new check up date
--- send reminder to patient
[no name] 21-Jul-22 11:29am    
Awesome, you just gave a clue, thank you very much
Richard MacCutchan 21-Jul-22 11:42am    
You are welcome.

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To add to what Richard has said (and remove this from the unanswered list) ...

Working out how to solve a problem is a big part of the task: it's teaching you "how to think" about a problem - any problem, not just software - in a way that gives you a way to get from "Help!" to "Solved" for yourself. And the methods are exactly the same when faced with a software problem as they are in the real world - and teh chances are that you can already use them without thinking about it!

Have a look here: How to Write Code to Solve a Problem, A Beginner's Guide[^].
It should help you with the next problem!
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